Radiation Surface Science and Engineering Lab

Mónica Echeverry Rendón

Department Universidad de Antioquia

Associate researcher and visiting scholar with experience in biological assays in biomaterials. Area of interest related with biointerfaces and interaction cell-material for biomedical applications.


  • Master of Science, Biology, September 2012
    • University of Antioquia, Medellin, Colombia
    • Dissertation: Biological Evaluation of Ti c.p and Ti6Al4V Anodized to Improve the Osseointegration.
  • Bachelor of Engineering, Bioengineer; December 2007
    • University of Antioquia, Medellin, Colombia
    • Dissertation: Histomorphometry of Bone Augmentation


  • Development and Fabrication of a Stent Prototype to Induce Closure of Post-Traumatic Blast-Induced Penetrating Brain Pseudo-Aneurysms
  • Evaluation Biological of Ti c.p and Ti6AL4V Anodized to Improve the Osseointegration
  • Histomorphometry of Bone Augmentation

Research Interests

  • Biomaterials and Biointerfaces
  • Engineering of Tissue and Regenerative Medicine


  • Distinction “MERITORIOUS” to the Master’s thesis “Evaluation of Osseointegration of Ti c.p and Ti6Al4V using biological assays”Biological Evaluation of Ti c.p and Ti6Al4V Anodized to Improve the Osseointegration.

External Travel

  • Tissue Engineering Laboratory – University Complutense of Madrid. March – August 2011
  • Bioimplants Laboratory – National University Entre Rios- Argentina February – November 2006

Selected Publications

  • Chapter 2: Nanostructured Biointerfaces. Nanopatterning and Nanoscale Devices for Biological Applications. Iniewski/Selimovie. J.P. Allain, M. Echeverry-Rendón J. Pavón, , S. Arias. Submited.
  • Materiales y Técnicas Utilizadas en Recubrimientos Bioactivos para Mejorar Procesos de Oseointegración. Mónica Echeverry Rendon; Castaño, Juan G.; Restrepo, Sara M. Robledo; Echeverría, Félix. Revista Politécnica;jul-dic2012, Vol. 8 Issue 15, p75
  • Processing, characterization and biological testing of porous titanium obtained by space-holder technique. Y. Torres, J. A. Rodríguez, S. Arias, M. Echeverry, S. Robledo, V. Amigo and J. J. Pavón. Journal of Materials Science. Volume 47, Number 18 (2012), 6565-6576.
Office Medellin, Colombia