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Biofunctionalization of Bacterial Nanocellulose for Neuroendovascular Reconstruction of Brain Aneurysms

Design of Surfaces for Application in Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine

Tissue engineering requires an intimate interaction between materials, cells, and environment in order to obtain new tissue. It is in this form that design of scaffolds are crucial for the final application since scaffolds act as a three-dimensional platform providing mechanical stability, deliver therapeutic agents, and facilitate different biological processes. If the same form, surfaces can improve biological response in regenerative processes that seeks to replace or regenerate human cells, tissues, or organs to restore normal function.  In both cases, materials play a crucial role and there are multiples kinds of materials that can be used including metals, ceramics, and natural and synthetic polymers. Based on this, our group is working on obtaining modified materials to change fundamental physical, chemical, and structural characteristics to improve biological response.

Highlight: Biofunctionalization of Bacterial Nanocellulose for Neuroendovascular Reconstruction of Brain Aneurysms

The use of natural biomaterials in biomedical applications have had a high increase in recent times. Bacterial Nanocellulose (BNC) is a hidrogel material that has advantageous properties for use as a scaffold due to it’s porous microstrcuture. Our group introduced, for the first time, a multi-functional nanostructured bioactive coating designed to render an assymetric region of the stent scaffold magnetic and biomimetic.  The bioactive coating utilizes BNC as a platform for both magnetic attraction and cell attraction and proliferation.  This method was designed to treat brain aneurysms, which is a disease currently treated with invasive and traumatic procedures (e.g., clipping and neuroendovascular coil embolization) that results in potential risk for patients.



Department of Defense, USA,  for financial Grant. No:W81XWH-11-2-006

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