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Nanostructured Functional Materials
IGNIS in-situ, in-operando Modification and Analysis Facility
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Welcome to the Radiation Surface Science and Engineering Laboratory. We design self-organized nanostructures with directed irradiation synthesis and directed plasma nanosynthesis to enable multi-functional and multi-scale properties at surface and interfaces of dissimilar material systems (e.g. polymer and metals, ceramics and biomaterials). Our research areas include: advanced functional biointerfaces, advanced fusion interfaces, multi-scale computational irradiation surface science, nanostructured functional materials, sustainable nanomanufacturing, and in-situ, in-operando diagnostics.


Prof. Jean Paul Allain
Department of Nuclear, Plasma, and Radiological Engineering, Professor & Assoc. Head Grad Prog.
Department of Bioengineering, Professor
Materials Research Laboratory, Professor
Micro and Nanotechnology Laboratory, Professor
Technology Entrepreneur Center, Professor
Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology, Institute Affiliate
Center for Plasma-Material Interactions, Center Affiliate 
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

About RSSEL Research Group

At RSSEL we study the interaction of plasma and particle irradiation with inorganic and organic surfaces and interfaces from the nanoscale across the mesoscale to the macroscale. We achieve this by coupling in-situ and in-operando multi-particle and plasma-based modification in a state-of-the art facility known as IGNIS (latin for “fire”). This custom-designed facility established by our group enables the study of fundamental particle-driven synthesis during diagnosis of the surface structure and composition. We directly couple this knowledge synergistically with multi-scale predictive computational codes also developed by our group.

Our interests are broad and are strategically connected by our intent to decipher the process-structure-property and multi-function relationships that result in rational design of complex materials for applications in extreme environments. Our work is focused on tailoring surfaces at the first-layer-of-atoms (FLOA) and interfaces in 2D and 3D systems depending on the specific application. Below is a list of our major research themes in the group.

  1. Advanced Fusion Interfaces
  2. Sustainable Nanomanufacturing (DIS and DPNS)
  3. Multi-scale Computational Irradiation Surface Science
  4. Advanced Functional Biointerfaces
  5. Nanostructured Functional Materials