Advanced Functional Biointerfaces


This area focuses on multi-functional bio-interfaces for endovascular tissue reconstruction in various systems including cardio and neuro. In particular, this research theme exploits DIS and DPNS in areas of cell behavior and regulation in 3D bioactive scaffolds. Cerebral endovascular nanosurgery and spinal cord injury applied research is conducted in collaboration with clinical investigators. Other interests in this research theme include nanostructured biointerfaces for enhanced biosensing applications.


  1. Biofunctionalization of Bacterial Nanocellulose for Neuroendovascular Reconstruction of Brain Aneurysms
  2. Designing novel biointerfaces via plasma and irradiated synthesis for tissue engineering
  3. Development of New Endovascular Stents for Damaged Blood Vessels in Neurological and Cardiovascular Diseases and Traumas
  4. In-situ studies of bio-nanomechanical behavior in a multi-functional hierarchical magnetic bacterial nano-cellulose (MBNC) membrane
  5. New Nano-structured Surfaces of medical grade Ti alloys for Hard and Soft Tissues Growth and Repair


Sandra Arias
Akshath R. Shetty
Juan J. Pavón


City of Hope National Medical Center

Institute of Bioengineering of Catalunya

Purdue University

Imperial College of London

Universidad de Los Andes

Universidad de Antioquia